Dress Guidelines

The EAST Conference is a professional event and we require all participants to maintain professional dress and adhere to these guidelines. Please discuss the following guidelines with all students who plan to attend any part of the EAST Partnership Conference. Please note that anyone violating these guidelines may be denied entry or asked to leave the Conference.

Dress Guidelines

Specific Guidelines

  • Hats, caps, or toboggans are not acceptable in the Convention Center.
  • Flip-flops or house slippers are not acceptable in the Convention Center. However, we do encourage you to wear comfortable shoes.
  • All dresses and/or blouses must have sleeves or be worn with a jacket with sleeves (not see through).
  • Tank tops, exposed midriffs, or the display of undergarments will not be acceptable at any time. Participants will be asked to leave the conference and change.

Specialty EAST shirts designed for your school's program may be worn Tuesday or Thursday as long as they do not violate the criteria mentioned above and are worn in a presentable, professional manner.

Tuesday, February 19th
Casual: Jeans/khakis pants with an appropriate shirt for all participants. Casual dress is recommended since this day includes booth setup. This is the only day that jeans are permitted. If you may be recognized on stage during the Opening Plenary please change and follow Wednesday's dress guideline for that session.

Wednesday, February 20th
Morning/Afternoon: Business - Slacks/khaki pants and a polo or dress shirt for gentlemen. For ladies dresses, suits, skirts, and slacks with coordinating blouses, sweaters, vests, tops and jackets are appropriate.

Banquet: Business Dress- Slacks, dress shirt and ties (sport jacket optional) with coordinating shoes for gentlemen. Ladies, please follow the guidelines above but include dress shoes (heels, flats, boots, sandals, etc.). Normally conference participants dress very professional for the banquet.

Thursday, February 21st
Business Casual - Slacks/khakis and shirts for gentlemen and slacks/skirts and shirts for ladies. For registered Conference participants, shirts should only be the official conference t-shirt or a specialty EAST shirt designed for your school's program.

Don't Forget

  • Additional students attending Thursday from your school MUST follow the dress guidelines.
  • On Wednesday and Thursday, members of the media, legislature, our business partners, family and friends will be present.

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