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The EAST @ Gardner Elementary students recently finished creating books and videos to be used by kindergarten students, their teachers, and their families to help the students learn and practice their sight words. The school’s Literacy Focus teacher and the Kindergarten chairperson requested EAST’s help developing a video to be used to assist kindergarten students learn and practice using sight words (words whose spelling is not straightforward and easily ciphered phonetically).

Gardner Elementary School Project

Mr. Miller’s team created a PowerPoint with transitions, animations, and voice-overs for each nine weeks. Slides introduced each word, displayed the letters individually, and repeated them in a sentence with graphics. The presentation was converted to video for students, parents, and teachers use to reinforce learning. The video is used in the classroom with Promethean boards or individually at computer stations.

Juliana (4th Grade) created a detailed project website providing details about the project, the technology, future plans for the project, and a link to the PDF file to the book they created for each nine weeks. There are links to Gardner’s YouTube channel and the videos for each book. Software used includes: PowerPoint, Garage Band, Windows Media Player, Final Cut Pro 10, IMovie, and a DVD burner. The web address of the project site is

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